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if you think a fever you can’t sweat out was their worst album please leave all overcoats canes and wrong opinions with the doorman


The woman I love
is concerned about
the appearance
of her body;
she worries about
the size of her thighs
and it saddens me
to know that
any woman should
ever feel this way.

So I tell her,
in the simplest
way possible,
that I most prefer
that she had
bigger thighs-
stronger, thicker,
and more bountiful

and she thinks
of this as strange,
for why would anyone
-any man,
want such a thing?

You are a woman,
I reply,
and that alone
is reason enough.

Because large thighs
are enticing,
because they are
and warm,
and incredibly sexy.

Because thighs
a woman’s shape
and curvaceousness,
and emphasize
a man is not.

there is more
of you
for me to love.

most importantly,

because concealed
between yourself
is the birthplace
of the universe.
From within you flows
warmth, light, and
the life of this world,
and the life of the next.

Why would you want
a gap between your thighs?
How could you tolerate
space for air
between the place where
should pass
without your consent?


- Nav K, thighs (via some-thing-to-say)


Arctic Monkeys @ Corona Capital, Mexico, 13.10.2013

b e s t

I am called picky
because I don’t get myself involved with the first guy to ask me out


Call me independent
because I know what I want
I will not drop my standards because I feel incompetent of receiving anything better

It is NOT “as good as it gets”
because “good” will be “better”
and “better” will be “best”

And I deserve the best.

Emilia Clarke photoshoot for Glamour France (April 2014)
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