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Close up of the Spiral #braids I created in #Grimes new video “Go” !(via instagram)

Run The Country (Girls)
Country (1903), Jacek Malczewski / Run The World (Girls), Beyonce

Christoph Waltz and his… Little Christoph. ლ(╹◡╹ლ)


Khal Drogo: “I nominate Viserys for the GOLDbucket challenge!!”


Hands and feet for your ears now at Dagmar Rousset! The new location at 30-32 Easy St, Collingwood is a sight to behold.

"I looked and looked at her, and I knew, as clearly as I know that I will die, that I loved her more than anything I had ever seen or imagined on earth."

- Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita (via larmoyante)

Salvador Dali, Summer.

Lollapalooza, Chicago, 01.08.2014

Grimes performing @ Pitchfork FestivalJuly 20 2014, Chicago, IL.
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